Monday, 21 June 2021

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is biometrics?
A: In computer science biometrics refer to technologies that analyze compare and process the unique characteristics of each person, such as fingerprints, eyes retinas and iries, voice patterns, facial and hand veins, in order to identify unequivocally the individual.
Q: Which companies or institutions can benefit from these systems?

A: There is a wide range of applications and therefore, any governmental institution or private company can make use of the different systems:

Citizen Services: e.g. Civil Register, Social Securities, Pension Funds, unemployed, asylum seekers, Migration Control, Border Crossing (airports, havens, etc.), Elections (one person, one vote), Military areas (biometrical access control).


Airlines:“from biometrical check-in to biometrically verified boarding”.
Passengers Handling Systems.

Banks (biometrical / alphanumerical database), ATM Banking.

Access Control (1:N, multibiometrical).

Industries - Private sector.

Access Control (1: N) Multibiometrical.

Industries - Private sector.


Q: What kind of knowledge is needed to install such solutions in a company?
A: One basically has to know what is needed – EuroDelta has the solution: the result of a powerful combination of Eurodelta’s software and hardware developments are the different SwissDoc® solutions.
Q: How do install these systems?
A: Our specialized technical staff will be responsible of the installation.
Q: Can I install it by myself?
A: Preferably, our systems should be installed by our technical specialists in order to avoid failures or errors in the installation.
Q: How does it work?
A: Our graphical interface facilitates the use of our systems; further more, we offer trainings for the users – besides the manuals which come along.
Q: How to get the biometrical data?
A: High-tech devices, such as scanners or readers capture the data (e.g. finger, palm and iris); special software converts the scanned information into a digital format to be compared with data previously registered and stored in the biometrical database. EuroDelta’s software administrates the biometrical and alphanumerical data.
Q: What kind of biometrical elements can I manage?
A: With our systems you can identify a person by its fingerprints, face, eye as well as by the hand veins.
Q: Can all biometrical elements be used simultaneously?
A: Yes, the different elements can be used individually or simultaneously combining even one or more characteristics.
Q: Is the System able to monitor movements, like entrances and exits?
A: Yes, the system monitors entrances and exits and makes a detailed report.
Q: What kind of security level does the customer get?
A: EuroDelta’s systems guarantee the highest standards of security.
Q: Can the system be parameterized according to the individual requirements?
A: All systems are adaptable to the specific needs of the customers.
Q: Which types of companies or institutions can use these systems?
A: These systems can be used by any institution, organization, private company or government.
Q: In case of failures in the system/equipment, who can be contacted?

A: In case of failures or errors in the system or equipment, please contact our technical staff:

Phone: +41 (0)43 277 95 40, or via our

We will attend you immediately, in order to solve any inconvenience.