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Since 1993, EuroDelta is a pioneer in developing and realising comprehensive solutions for identity fraud prevention. Advanced technologies are used to collect and process biometrical as well as alphanumerical data. To ensure the best quality of its products and solutions possible EuroDelta implements highest quality standars. All business processes are based on the relevant international standards. Projects and developments are carried out according to the principles of the project management method Prince2 or similar ones.

EuroDelta not only delivers turnkey solutions, but also provides qualified consultancy services to its clients as well as a comprehensive post-sales support.


  • 1993 - Access control based on biometrics
  • 1995 - Biometrical identities for ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) and banks
  • 1996 - Migration control and administration based on legal ID documents with or without integrated biometrics
  • 2001 - Implementation of migration control at an international airport including database connection and centralised surveillance
  • 2002 - Worldwide firts multibiometrical platform
  • 2003 - Implementation of a complete <<check-in to boarding>> system based on a fingerprint ID check
  • 2004 - Stress test: aunthenticity checks of legal documents, such as passports, ID cards, etc. in cooperation with the authorities of an EC Country
  • 2005 - SwissDoc® solution series
  • 2006 - Develoment of an economical passport-RFID-reader with complete software system including face and finger identification.
  • 2007 - New multibiometrical Access Control (1:N) with hand vein reader (PalmSecure of Fujitsu), fingerprints and face.

EuroDelta's Experience

Since the very beginning, EuroDelta operates its own and independent software development. More than 20 hardware and software experts as well as integration specialists combine their profound knowledge to develop tailor-made solution for EuroDelta's customers.

EuroDelta's integrated solution support all processes of the identification and unequivocal verification of an individual through fingerprint, face, palm and/or iris scan. EuroDelta's development teams are very well grounded in the areas of biometrical verfication and identification as well as authentication of legal documents.

During years of intensive development as well as realization of comprehensive projects EuroDelta has gained enormous knowledge and great experience, especially in the handling of biometrical data and in the process of AFIS(Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) for civil use.

All systems structure are fully developed and ready to be customized and adapted to the particular needs of the client.

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